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Our Vision

Pytheas is an organization with global outlook, offering a wide range of sophisticated financial services to companies, governments, institutions, and individuals. Considered as one of the world’s premier organizations in providing access to emerging financial markets and economies in transition, Pytheas services range from advising on corporate strategy and structure to raising equity and debt capital and managing complex investment portfolios.

Our vision is to be our clients‘ first choice and partner

We value, we will realize our vision, to be our client’s first choice and partner by retaining a client focus in everything we do. Focusing on client service, offering superior service, realistic, comprehensive and fully integrated solutions, and combining brilliant corporate advisors and investment professionals – that are, knowledgeable in the cultural and regulatory complexities of each region and well positioned to respond to the ever-changing markets – with our client’s assets and talents, are our expressed goals.

Pytheas‘ „all-around relationship“ with clients calls for strategic, long-term relationships with clients and partners. Combining the best of investment banking with solid understanding of risk management enables our organization to offer truly individualized solutions synthesizing industry knowledge, product proficiency and geographic expertise.

Pytheas‘ resident knowledge of, and extensive network within, a variety of sectors and geographic areas, as well as its successful track record, distinguishes it as an emerging market leader and value-added partner.

Pytheas‘ independency by being free to choose among multiple investment alternatives to determine the one best suited to each client company’s needs. The financing structure of each transaction is tailored to maximize management’s growth objectives.

Pytheas‘ capabilities allow for quick responses on proposed investments. We actively pursue investments across a broad range of industries through our industry practice professionals. The investment professionals involved bring significant experience and industry insight to bear on each opportunity.

Pytheas Asset Management is a leading asset manager for institutions, individuals and financial intermediaries, worldwide. Our investment professionals are located around the world providing strategies that span a wide spectrum of asset classes including equity, cash liquidity, real estate, infrastructure, technology and private equity.

We focus on global, regional, developed, and emerging markets, plus a number of specialty products, including country and sector funds. Our investments combine local resources with access to global strategies and networks, and we continue to offer new products in response to an evolving global market and our clients‘ evolving needs.

Whether your interest is investment advice and strategies that seek to achieve solid risk-adjusted returns; global liquidity capabilities from one of the industry’s most insightful providers; or total retirement plan solutions that integrate the management of all of your retirement plans, we are Pytheas Asset Management and our core values are integrity, excellence and entrepreneurial spirit, respect for individuals and cultures, and teamwork.

Pytheas‘ Asset Management capabilities are among the best in the industry, offering a wide range of investment products and solutions for the investment issues faced by our clients throughout the world.

Pytheas Asset Management believes that the way in which money is managed must be significantly altered and aligned with a new definition of „performance“ that incorporates risk management, income generation, and alpha/beta separation. The increasing institutionalization of the retail sale requires asset managers to take a new approach to third-party distribution and client service. Seizing the retirement opportunity (especially in the US and Western Europe), retooling the investment management process, reinventing retail distribution and product management capabilities, reorienting new business development toward future growth opportunities, and driving scale to generate operating leverage are the Pytheas’ key asset management initiatives and differentiators.

Also, emerging markets around the world are showing themselves to be more than simply investment opportunities. With global inflows on the rise, asset managers are turning to emerging markets to tap distribution and sales options and to source new money. The doors for asset managers are opening not just in BRIC countries and the N-11, but also in regions like the Middle East with their impressive growth rates. Double-digit growth is within reach for asset managers in South America, the Middle East, and in parts of Asia Pacific. But there’s more to market entry than just macroeconomic potential. Expanding into an emerging market, especially, requires close attention to that market and its development path, and success depends on approaches and positioning that are tailored accordingly. It is the fact that these markets are in such flux that necessitates Pytheas’ robust strategies.

We offer a range of services such as:

  • Personalized asset allocation studies;
  • Proprietary strategic research;
  • Asset/liability Management;
  • Specialized reporting and client service.

We manage a range of equity, fixed-income, asset allocation, and alternative asset class portfolios focusing on global, regional, developed, and emerging markets, plus a number of specialty products, including country and sector funds. Our investments combine local resources with access to global strategies and networks, and we continue to offer new products in response to an evolving global market and our clients‘ evolving needs.

How we manage money

We are proud of our results and achievements that are based on our investment beliefs of Teamwork, Multiple Processes and Transparency & Critical Thinking:


We believe in attracting and retaining the most talented investment professionals in our industry. We then use their skills to build team-based investment approaches that rely on specialists working together to research companies, rate stocks and build portfolios. By stressing a team approach, we help to ensure robust decision-making and a consistent approach that is less likely to be compromised by changes in personnel. By fostering innovation, encouraging debate, and recognizing achievement, we have created an environment that challenges individuals to achieve their best performance for our clients.

Teams of experienced professionals around the world who specialize in particular asset classes, investment styles, or geographic regions make the investment decisions. We believe that strategic decisions are best made in small teams where the sharing and refinement of ideas leads to better solutions for our clients. Our investment professionals‘ diverse perspectives on investment strategy contribute to a richer overall understanding of markets, and lead to stronger investment decisions for our clients.

Multiple processes

We believe there is more than one way to make money in investment markets so we commit the resources to maintaining multiple processes – each one developed to exploit particularities in each market or asset class.

Pytheas Asset Management offers a diverse array of investment strategies, all of which are based on our philosophy of adding value through active management founded on sound fundamental research and proprietary analytics.

Transparency & Critical Thinking

Every Pytheas investment process is transparent, disciplined and systematic. Our investment decisions are accountable and we remain consistent in our approach.

We promote transparency, by adhering to the Pytheas Code of Ethics & Business Conduct to the letter, as to the spirit of all applicable laws and regulations. But above all, we promote critical thinking because only by the awakening of the intellect, sound judgment can be applied to our activities. Finally, we believe that tracking progress is fundamental to building the culture we aspire to in our vision.

Pytheas‘ Investment Banking Advisory works hand in hand with corporations, institutions and governments to provide the best solutions for each of our clients‘ needs. Our experts bring specific industry, regional and product expertise to each client, advancing Pytheas‘ industry leadership in devising and executing the most innovative, customized answers to the most challenging issues in the emerging market marketplace.

Each industry area within the organization works closely with product team members in Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Raising, Corporate Finance, Equity Finance, and the industry divisions throughout Pytheas to provide the relevant market insight, product creativity, and execution expertise to clients.

Our Investment Banking Advisory extends across a diverse range of product areas, including initial public offerings; public and private equity and equity-linked financings; mergers, acquisitions and restructurings; defense advisory assignments; strategic partnerships; public and private debt placements; share repurchases; and hedging, swaps and derivative transactions.

While some financial institutions may be better capitalized than before the crisis (or any crisis), shareholder returns for bank stocks will always be under intense pressure as the result of the loss of proprietary trading revenue, increasing regulation, higher administrative costs to implement the additional regulation and the movement of many derivatives to exchanges. Moreover, banks are constantly divesting assets in an attempt to bolster capital and appease regulators.

Elevated stress in funding markets (a key threat especially to the Eurozone banks) combined with the need for the financial sector in general to deleverage (in Europe, not just in the peripheral economies but also Italy, UK and France) creates the need of the banking sector to recapitalize and seek external financial advice and capital. Restructuring (financial and organizational), consolidation and M&A will continue to see a surge and the markets need a solutions provider, such as Pytheas, which not only understands the market key components but possesses in-depth knowledge and ability to facilitate change efficiently.

All companies are affected by changes in the global banking system as new risk weights drive a wedge between investment grade and non-investment grade credits; Pytheas recommends that companies should actively consider capital market alternatives to bank capital wherever feasible.

Companies need to assess for instance the strategic implications of Europe entering negative growth territory for the next two years or more (with firms making worst-case contingency plans covering liquidity, access to funding, FX risk, supply chain pressure and strategic capital deployment).

As capital expenditures remain subdued – a result of market uncertainty – stronger companies should consider alternative uses for this excess liquidity, such as share buybacks.

Moreover, the potential to unlock value through financial restructuring is of utmost importance – streamlining business models by separating underperforming or non-core businesses through spin-offs, split-offs or divestitures.

Connecting people, ideas and capital, we aim to be our clients‘ first choice for achieving financial aspirations!

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